WooThemes Storefront

WooThemes Storefront

Storefront by WooThemes is developed as a foundation theme for all kinds of web shops. Powered by WooCommerce, of course. This free e-commerce has even been dubbed as the Official WooCommerce Theme.

Because Strontfront is intended as a foundation theme, it comes packed with only those core features that every online store needs. And with the best thinkable integration of WooCommerce.

Mobile Menu of WooThemes Storefront
WooThemes Storefront mobile menu

WooThemes Storefont offers three menu locations:

  • Primary Menu – left aligned beneath the header
  • Secondary Menu – right aligned, between the logo and the search box
  • Handheld Menu – centered at the top of the page

The Handheld menu appears as soon as the screen width drops below 768px.

WooThemes Storefront installs just the default WordPress widgets.

And it comes, of course, with support for the WooCommerce, delivering all the e-commerce functionality to the theme.

Widgets of WooCommerce 2.4
WooCommerce 2.4 widgets

Enabling WooCommerce adds 11 widgets to utilize your online store.

This theme from Woo incorporates six widgetized areas:

  • Sidebar
  • Header
  • four Footer columns

The widgets that you add to the full-width Header area displayed below the header, but above the main content.

The Storefront comes with three page templates:

  • Default
  • Full Width
  • Home

By default, the home page is composed from:

  • Header widget (optional)
  • Product Categories
  • Recent Products
  • Featured Products
  • Top rated Products
  • On sale Products

The demo additionally includes two premium extensions: the Storefront Parallax Hero directly below the header, and the Storefront Reviews above the footer widgets.

WordPress Customizer of WooThemes Storefront
Storefront Customizer

The theme options of WooThemes Storefront are completely integrated with the WordPress Customizer.

At the Site Identity, you have the ability to change the Site Title, and Tagline, as well as add a Site Icon.

You can change Storefront’s default white background, by either uploading an image, picking another color, or both. Please note that the background image and color you set here, also apply to the background of the content area.

The Header is not related to the Header widget, but to the page header. Here you can upload a logo, add a background image for the header, and set your preferred colors for the background, text, and links.

Comparable, the Footer settings allow you to set the colors for background, widget titles, text, and links.

The colors of the body font are set at the Typography section, where you can select different colors for headings, text, and links.

At the Buttons section, you can select again the desired colors for background, text, alternate background, and alternate text.

The Layout settings, let you choose between a left and a right sidebar for the layout of your webshop.

You can configure Menus, Widgets, and Static Front Page through the Customizer, or directly from the admin menu.

WooThemes Storefront Page Capture
WooThemes Storefront full page shot

The More section includes two links. The Storefront link connects to the Storefront Welcome page in the Appearance panel. The second link brings you to the Storefront page of the Theme Directory.

To further customize Storefront, you can either create your own child theme, or purchase an official Storefront child theme from WooThemes.

Another option is adding extensions, plugins specifically developed for Storefront.

There are a number of premium extensions available from WooThemes. But an even larger number of plugins is freely available in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

You can download WooThemes Storefront for free from the WordPress Theme Directory. It is hard to beat that price.

Support for the Storefront theme is available from the WordPress.org community forum.

Despite the fact that the theme is freely available, and support community driven, users have awareded Storefront with 38 five star ratings. Good for an overall five star rating. Anyway, it does indicate, that the users appreciate the features encorporated with the theme.

Currently, there are already six child themes for Storefront.

The price of a Storefront child theme is $39, just for the design only. These licenses do not need to be renewed. Please note that a Storefront child theme requires the Storefront theme as the parent theme.

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