Welcome to Theming WP

Welcome to Theming WP

Welcome to Theming WP, the continuing story of WPReviewLab.com.

My intention with WPReviewLab was to provide unbiased reviews of WordPress themes, with ratings based on their functionality – the theme options, the widgets area, etc.

Since February 2012, I published 538 posts over at WPReviewLab. Now it is time for something new.

What is going to change? Well, we will continue reviewing WordPress themes. However, the format will change. It is not yet 100% clear how that is going to work out, but personally I am thinking about less verbal, and more visual reviews.

It will be a process of trial and error, and of course your input is much appreciated. What is important to you when looking for a WordPress theme?

Besides reviews, I am also going to cover other, theme related topics. Like how to select a theme, how to configure themes, and how to customize themes. Hint – with a child theme of course.

Spring Cleaning

On our way from WPReviewLab.com to ThemingWP.com, we lost about half of the posts. A couple of dozen themes have been retired by their author.

However, the majority of the posts deleted, have been removed because those themes are not responsive – not mobile friendly.

In this mobile era, it not wise to select a theme that does not adapt to the screen size of your visitor.

So why bother readers of Theming WP with outdated themes when browsing the archive pages? It would require that you check whether a theme is responsive. Not here!

All non-responsive themes have been slashed. And from now on, we concentrate on responsive WordPress themes.

On WPReviewLab, we have been reviewing themes from almost 40 different theme vendors. Here we will focus on a much smaller number.

For the time being, I have settled on:

  1. Elegant Themes
  2. Gabfire Themes
  3. Graph Paper Press
  4. Organic Themes
  5. StudioPress
  6. Templatic
  7. Themedy
  8. Themify
  9. WooThemes

A number that will increase over time. The benefit of this reduced number is that it gives room to dive a little deeper into the themes and their underlying foundations. Which will result in more hands-on posts with tips and tricks for you.

Despite the list of nine above, we have also migrated reviews from Appfinite, Authentic Themes, Obox, ThemeFuse, and WPZOOM.

And we might even update these reviews when an update becomes available, but themes from the latter sources get a little less attention than the first seven. For now.

Exit WPReviewLab.com

Oh, you are wondering about the new domain name? Instead of continuing with WPReviewLab.com, I preferred to switch to ThemingWP.com. It is great name after all, is not it?

Switching domains had the advantage that I only needed to delete about 250 posts. Otherwise, I would also have to disallow the URLs in the robots.txt too. And, I really like the new name.

Just like the previous theme, the Theming WP theme is a customization of the Genesis Sample theme. For which purpose, I used the Genesis Extender plugin.

Although, I have outgrown this nifty plugin, I will continue covering the Genesis Extender over at WPfy.me. It is really a great tool for customizing Genesis child themes. And the best source for blog posts is your own experience.

All links to WPReviewLab are now diverted to Theming WP with a 301 redirect – moved permanently. Which means that WPReviewLab has become unavailable.

Hello MailChimp

There is more. Back in 2012, FeedBurner was the e-mail service to go for bloggers who wanted to offer readers the ability to subscribe on updates of the blog through RSS.

As most of you, I really do not know what Google’s intentions are with FeedBurner. Does Google know?

There is a lot of buzz that they are going to shut down FeedBurner. As far as I know, Google has never denied that they are considering ceasing FeedBurner.

What I do know, is that they have not added any features to FeedBurner, since they acquired the service. On the contrary, they have been stripping features.

In addition, Google caught me by surprise a few times with their Spring cleanings already. So, I am not going to wait for what Google is going to do with FeedBurner or not.

Today, the subscribers to WPReviewLab have been migrated from FeedBurner to the Theming WP list with MailChimp.

As with FeedBurner, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter yourself anytime with two clicks. Just look for the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail.

Of course, I sincerely hope that you decide to remain a subscriber to this blog. New subscribers are automatically added to the Theming WP list with MailChimp.

And for the records, Theming WP has the same privacy policy and affiliate disclosure as WPReviewLab; without legal or judicial enforcement, we will never, ever share your details with a third party. Period.

Talk soon,

Wil Ransz

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click an affiliate link and purchase the item regarding, ThemingWP may receive a compensation.

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