Themify Event

Themify Event

Event by Themify is a responsive theme for music, event, and entertainment sites. Event features custom post types for – among other – events, galleries and videos, and a drag-and-drop Page Builder.

The theme supports two WordPress menus. The Main Navigation is a right aligned at the top of the screen. This is a fixed menu, meaning it will remain visible when a scrolling down the screen.

An optional second menu is activated by assigning a menu to the Footer Navigation, just above the credits at the bottom of the page. This navigation is also right aligned.

Themify Event installs with ten custom widgets:

  • Banners & Links
  • Event Posts
  • Feature Posts
  • Flickr
  • List Categories
  • List Pages
  • Most Commented
  • Recent Comments
  • Social Links
  • Twitter

This theme incorporates five widget areas:

  • Sidebar
  • Social
  • three Footer columns

The theme adds several modules to the WordPress menu for its custom post types: Events, Galleries, Videos, Highlights, Portfolios, Slides, and Testimonials.

All custom post types come with their own categories, while the first three – Events, Galleries, and Videos – also offer the use of tags.

The Event post type serves a Themify Custom Panel just below the WordPress editor. Here you can enter a start and end date, event location, the Google Map address regarding,  and links regarding ticket sale, a video, lightbox and  another (external) link.

You can display an Event post about anywhere with the aid of the Event Posts widget.

The Themify Custom Panel of the Galleries post type lets you include a gallery shortcode, a featured image, and links for video, lightbox and  to another (external) source. Instead of entering a shortcode, you can also compose your gallery by uploading images or selecting images from the media library.

When it comes to the Video post type, the Custom Panel allows you to enter a Video URL, as well as an external and lightbox link.

The three post types previously mentioned, allow you to upload a custom background, select your preferred sidebar option and assign a custom menu specific for the post type.

Highlights to display specialties, key services, and (product) features. A Highlight post adds custom fields for an image or icon, and a heading. You can also add an external links and a lightbox link.

Portfolios posts let you showcase your projects. These post allow you to upload a Featured Image, set its dimensions, and hide the post info – entirely or only partially. Furthermore, you are able to attach an external link as well as a lightbox link.

The Slides post type extends the usual post screen with additional fields that let you upload an image and set its dimensions. Furthermore, you have the ability to enter an external and a Lightbox link, as well as a Video URL.

The Testimonial post type includes custom fields for the Featured Image, the author name, title, and website. In addition, you get the chance to upload an image, set its width and height.

Event comes packed with the Themify Builder. This visual editor allows you to create custom pages by dragging modules to the page canvas.

The Themify Builder offers the following modules: Accordion, Box, Callout, Divider, Gallery, Highlight, Image, Map, Menu, Portfolio, Post, Slider, Tab, Testimonial, Text, and Video.

Several premade layouts composed with the Themify Builder are av ailable through the Layouts of the Event Theme Options panel. Although you can not modify these default layouts directly, you can use these default layouts as templates; just duplicate the layout concerned and edit  the duplicate where desired.

The Themify Builder is available for pages and posts – including every custom post type. The article Drag & Drop Web Pages with the Themify Builder describes this visual content builder in more detail.

theme options panel
Theme Options Panel

The Event Theme Settings comprehend four tabs:

  • Settings
  • Skins
  • Transfer
  • Demo Import

The Skins tab is the place where you select you desired color scheme. You can choose from seven predefined skins.

The Transfer tab facilitates the import and export of your theme settings, which you can deploy for back-up purposes or when you want to transfer the theme settings to another web site.

To get familiar with Event, you have the opportunity to start out with a Demo Import. This demo includes initial settings for the theme as well as widgets and adds some sample content to your WordPress install.

The options of the Settings tab are grouped in several sections:

  • General
  • Default Layouts
  • Theme Settings
  • Image Script
  • Social Links
  • Themify Builder
  • Twitter Settings
  • Hook Content

The General section allows you to upload your favicon, enter custom Header and Footer code, a custom RSS Feed, as well import a Google Webfonts Subset.

With Default Layouts you have the ability to select your default page layout – which can be either one, two, three or even four columns – and set your preferred sidebar position, or have no sidebar at all.

In addition, you can enter the dimensions for the thumbnails as displayed on index pages and within single post pages, and hide post details as well as the Featured Image.

The Theme Settings let you select your desired Gallery Lightbox, disable the fixed header, and choose between a numbered pagination and previous/next post links.

Here you can also exclude the RSS Link and Search Form from the page headers, customize the footer text, and set the number of Footer columns. For the latter you can opt from zero to four widget areas.

At the Image Script tab you can select your preferred method of image resizing; either with Themify’s image script or according to WordPress Featured Image settings. With the image script you have also the ability to tweak the way images are cropped.

The Social Links allow you to add and modify the title, link, and image of your social network profiles. You can add as many social profiles as you like and display these in the Social widget area – or one of the other widget areas – with the Social Links widget.

The Themify Builder options let you disable the visual content editor completely or only specific modules of this drag & drop page builder.

Themify Event PageAt the Twitter Settings you get the chance to enter the API keys from your Twitter Account for the Twitter widget.

With Hook Content you get the power to add your own widget areas, without the need to code. Simply select the Action Hook, check your conditions from the dialog wizard, enter your content, and your are done!

With Themify, you have several options to obtain Themify Event.

For $49 you get a Standard Package. Next to the purchased theme, you are entitled to pick a bonus theme for free -- so will get two themes for the price of one.

You can also opt for a $69 Developer Package, which adds the layered Photoshop (PSD) files to your theme and the free bonus theme.

Both Theme Packages include access to support and theme updates for one year.

Alternatively, you can become a Themify Club Member, in which case you have four options:

  • $89 Master Club – all themes + Photoshop files, addons and plugins
  • $249 Lifetime Club – as the Master Club, but without recurring fees

So besides the themes, a Club Membership gives you access to all plugins, which includes the Themify Builder plugin that works with all WordPress themes!

The Master Club membership give you access to all themes, support and updates as long as you decide to remain a Themify Member.

The Lifetime Master Membership offers the same as the Master Club Membership, except that you pay only once, and enjoy all the benefits for live – without an annual club contribution.

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