Themedy Line It Up 2

Themedy Line It Up 2

Line It Up 2 by Themedy is a responsive theme for business and portfolio websites. The theme comes equipped with several custom post types, and a highly flexible homepage.

Themedy Line It Up 2 is available for the Genesis Framework and Thesis 2 – you get both versions. This review has been executed with the Genesis child theme of Line It Up 2.

This Themedy theme supports one WordPress menus, which is right aligned in the header.

Themedy Line It Up 2 installs with 14 custom widgets:

  • Ads (in 7 dimensions)
  • Featured Page
  • Featured Posts
  • Flickr
  • Social List
  • Tabbed
  • User Profile
  • Video

Additional widgets are available as Genesis optimized plugins from StudioPress or the WordPress Plugin Directory.

The child theme serves two widget areas:

  • Primary Sidebar
  • Secondary Sidebar

The Secondary Sidebar is only displayed when you have opted for a three column page layout.

The theme adds four modules to the Admin Menu for its custom post types Portfolio, Slides, Testimonials, and Features.

The Portfolio and Testimonial post types allow you to organize posts with categories.

A miniature of the Featured Image is added directly below the slider as means of navigation.

Line It Up 2 offers the following page templates:

  • Default
  • Archive
  • Blog
  • Homepage
  • Landing Page
  • Portfolio

Themedy Line It Up 2 displays the blog feed on the homepage, unless you set a static front page at Settings >> Reading.

You can display the following content with the static Homepage:

  • Featured Slider – Slides posts
  • Featured Area – Features posts
  • Subscribe Area – Themedy form
  • Testimonials – Testimonials posts

Please check to the Themedy Line It Up 2 demo for a live example. You can customize the elements on the front page at the Themedy Settings, as described here below.

If you like a head start, you can import the Demo Site Exports available from your customer dashboard with Themedy. This ZIP archive includes an XML and a JSON file.

The XML file with the demo content is imported from Tools >> WordPress, In case it has not been installed yet, you can install the WordPress Importer on the fly.

The JSON file, with the Themedy Settings and the Widget Settgins, is imported from Appearance >> Themedy Replicate.

Genesis Theme Settings

Themedy Line It Up 2 Genesis Theme Settings
Genesis Settings of Themedy Line It Up 2

The Genesis panel comprehends three pages:

  • Theme Settings
  • SEO Settings
  • Import/Export

When you do not see the Genesis SEO page, you have most likely activated a plugin to handle your Search Engine Optimization.

The Genesis SEO Settings allow you to tweak the default SEO options regarding the Document Title, Homepage Settings, Document Head Settings, Robots Meta Settings, and Archive Settings. You can even enter your Google+ profile on the SEO page.

Furthermore, every post, page and term has its own meta box for SEO Settings. When you are just starting out with SEO, you can keep these settings in their default state.

The Import/Export page lets you create a file in JSON format for backup and transfer purposes. You can export the Theme Settings and/or the SEO Settings. Of course, you can also upload (import) such a JSON file at the receiving end.

The Genesis Theme Settings page serves dialogue boxes to help you configure the theme:

  • Information
  • Custom Feeds
  • Default Layout
  • Navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Comments and Trackbacks
  • Content Archives
  • Blog Page Template
  • Header and Footer Scripts

The Information box displays your version number of the Genesis Framework. It is advised to enable enable automatic updates. You can also choose to be notified by e-mail when an update becomes available.

When you use Feedburner for your feeds, you can enter the custom feed URLs for new posts and comments here at the Custom Feeds.

You can set the Default Layout to one column (just the content area), two columns, or even three columns. In the latter case, you can opt for a sidebar at each side of the content area or two sidebars at the left, or at the right side. For each individual post and page, you have the ability to select a different page layout.

The Navigation options allow you to enable an extra to the Primary Navigation Menu. You can choose from None, Today’s Date, RSS Feed Links, Search form and the Twitter Link. These Extras are right aligned in the navigation menu.

When you prefer to display Breadcrumbs just below the navigation, you can check here on what pages these crumbs should appear.

The check boxes at the Comments and Trackbacks give you an easy way to customize the visibility of comments and trackbacks on singular pages and posts.

At the Content Archives you can set your preferences for the blog page and archive listings. You can choose to display only post excerpts or the full post content – when applied in your posts, until the Read More tag. When you opt for the post content, you can optionally limit the content to a certain number of characters.

Enabling the Featured Image on index pages is a matter of checking the box in front of “Include the Featured Image?”. Additionally, you can select the desired dimensions and alignment for the Featured Images on archive pages.

Last but not least, you can set your preferred page navigation within the Content Archives box. You are offered two choices: Previous/Next, and Numeric.

The Blog Page Template section lets you enter the categories that you want to exclude from the blog. You can select a specific category from the drop-down menu, enter the category IDs to exclude, and set the number of posts per page.

The Header and Footer Scripts section serves two text boxes where you can enter your custom scripts for the page headers and footers, like for example Google Analytics.

Themedy Line It Up 2 Themedy Theme Settings
Themedy Settings of Themedy Line It Up 2

Themedy Settings

The theme adds a an additional page Themedy Settings to the Appearance panel. Here you customize your settings regarding:

  • Slider
  • Front Page Options
  • Appearance
  • General Options
  • Footer

With the Slider settings you configure slider options like transition effect (slide or fade), slide pause and transition speed.

Your first option at the Front Page Options is selecting the that should components appear on the homepage. The number of Featured Items and Testimonials work best in multiples of three.

Here you can edit the heading for the testimonial section. You can for example change the default Testimonials into the “Hear more from our happy clients” as in the demo.

The other fields in the left column let you customize the sign-up form on the homepage. You can either enter your details in the relevant form fields, or add the shortcode of a Gravity Forms, or Contact Form 7 form in the custom box at the bottom.

At the Appearance section you set the primary color. This color is assigned to elements like the header background and the background of the Features buttons.

With the General Options you can customize the blog title, and enable the jQuery mobile menu.

In case you prefer to customize the footer text, you can enter your text at the Footer section of the Themedy Settings.

Themedy Line It Up 2 page capture
Themedy Line It Up 2 full page shot

Themedy Line It Up 2 is available as part of the Themedy membership plans.

Your first option is one of the Bacics Bundles; the Creative Bundle, the Marketing Bundle, or the Business Bundle.

Each combination of themes, gives you lifetime access to theme downloads and maintenance updates, as well as one year of support. A Basic Bundle comes at $79.

With the Thrifty Bundle, you obtain the themes included with all three Basic Bundles. For only $159 – three for the price of two. And of course, you are also entitled to lifetime maintenance updates, and one year of support.

The yearly Themedy membership plans do not auto renew, and purchased themes will not deactivate upon expiration of your membership. Extended support is available for about 50% of the Bundle price.

In exchange for a one-time payment of $299, you get the Lifetime Gold Bundle – lifetime access to all current and future themes from Themedy, as well as lifetime access to maintenance updates and support.

More details about these plans is available on the Themedy Pricing page.

Please note that in order to activate Themedy Line It Up 2, an installation of either the Genesis Framework or the Thesis 2 is required.

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