Privacy Policy

For its operations, website, and mailing list, Theming WP makes use of a concise and therefore clear privacy policy.


The maintenance, management and security of the web server are provided by the administrators of Theming WP in collaboration with the hosting provider.


Theming WP is a blog of, founded by Wil Ransz, and located in the Netherlands. Hence Theming WP has to obey the Dutch cookie law – an implementation of the EU Cookie Directive.

Theming WP collects statistics about the visits to its website through Google Analytics. The collected data will only be used to enhance the user experience of visitors to this website – both technically and with respect to the content offered.

Mailing list

Prior to joining the mailing list, a candidate subscriber has to confirm his/her application via e-mail before the subscription actually starts.

Subscribers are able to unsubscribe themselves at any time – without further intervention of Theming WP – by clicking the appropriate link at the bottom of the e-mail.

The e-mail addresses of subscribers are not publicly accessible. The maintenance, management and security of the software regarding the mailing list are provided by Theming WP in collaboration with MailChimp.

Subscribers will be notified prior to switching to another e-mail service provider.

E-mail and IP addresses

When a visitor comments to a blog post, the commentor’s IP address is registered and the commentor has to supply his/her e-mail address.

These details are only used to fight spam and recognize earlier approved commentors by their e-mail address.

Only the WordPress administrators of Theming WP have access to these IP- and e-mail addresses. The e-mail address and IP address of commentors are not published.

When a commentor enters his/her website in the comment form, the URL of that website will be attached to his/her name in the comment form on the website.


Theming WP will never disclose any personal details of visitors and subscribers to third-parties without legal or judicial enforcement.

Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact Theming WP when you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or any other topic related to this site.

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