The Theme Selector – at your service

The Theme Selector – at your service

Here at ThemingWP we review WordPress themes.

Until today, you could browse the entire blog, examine just one theme category, search posts, or turn to the tag cloud.

As a WordPress user, you are probably familiar with the tag cloud.

Tag Cloud at
Tag Cloud widget

This cloud of words gives a good impression of the most popular terms, which can come in very handy for visitors. But it is not very pretty.

Considering my options to replace the tag cloud, I pictured myself a form.

A form where you are able to check only the categories and tags that are the most relevant to you.

Submitting the form, retrieves only themes that match all terms checked on the form.

And last, but not least, you are presented a list with just those themes. Would not that be convenient?

Well, that is exactly what the Theme Selector allows you to do.

Here is a screenshot:

The Theme Selector of
ThemingWP Theme Selector

As you can see, the Theme Selector distinguishes three different groups of terms:

  • Brands – theme shops
  • Categories – theme categories
  • Keywords (Tags) – theme features

Each group of terms has its own taxonomy with the same name: Brands, Categories, and Tags.

I had to split the original collection of tags for this purpose. Until last week, ThemingWP used only the default categories and tags.

At the moment there are 6 theme categories, 15 theme vendors, and 33 keywords to filter themes.

In order to refine your search for a new theme, you can select any combination of Brands, Categories, and Keywords.

But please keep in mind that you compose an AND selection with the form. So, when you check Genesis and WooCommerce, you get a list of themes that are 1) based on the Genesis framework, AND 2) are designed to work with WooCommerce.

Of course, the available number of form options is not static.

For example, I am thinking about adding 1-, 2-, and 3-columns layouts as new theme features.

The theme reviews include details about layouts, but you cannot retrieve this information with the Theme Selector. At least, not yet.

Searching for “three columns”, will work, though.

When you have any suggestions for additional brands, theme categories, or theme features – please do not hesitate and leave a comment, or drop me a note.

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