Gabfire Advanced Newspaper

Gabfire Advanced Newspaper

Sometimes it is all in the name. Gabfire Advanced Newspaper is indeed a sophisticated theme for news sites and content rich blogs.

For the styling, Gabfire Themes decided to stick with the well-known newspaper layout. Advanced Newspaper is fully responsive and comes with support for HTML5 video and WooCommerce.

News sites usually cope with a broad range of topics and categories. For that reason, Advanced Newspaper comes equipped with several menu locations:

  • Masthead – directly below the header, with the optional WooCommerce shopping cart
  • Primary – below the Masthead navigation
  • Secondary – below the Primary navigation
  • Footer – just above the footer widgets

Gabfire supplies its themes as lightweight as possible. For this reason, Advanced Newspaper installs with just the default WordPress widgets. However, by installing the free Gabfire Widget Pack you have the ability to activate up to fourteen widgets, including:

  • Ajax Tabs
  • Author Badge
  • Flickr Images
  • Popular/Random Posts
  • Recent Tweets
  • Social Icons
  • FeedBurner Email Subscribe

Although the Gabfire Widget Pack includes 18 widgets, you can enable or disable each widget separately.

This theme serves 26 widgetized areas:

  • Innerpage Sidebar
  • Shop Sidebar
  • Header 728×90
  • Footer 1st Row, Left
  • Footer 1st Row, Mid
  • Footer 1st Row, Right
  • Footer 2nd Row, 1st Col
  • Footer 2nd Row, 2nd Col
  • Footer 2nd Row, 3rd Col
  • Footer 2nd Row, 4th Col
  • Footer 2nd Row, 5th Col
  • Primary Left
  • Primary Mid
  • Primary Right 160px
  • Secondary Left
  • Secondary Mid
  • Secondary Right Bottom 336px
  • Homepage Bottom 468px
  • Before Subnews 728×90
  • Before Subnews 315×90
  • Page Widget
  • Post Widget
  • No Slider Home – Top Left
  • No Slider Home – Mid
  • No Slider Home – Top Right
  • No Slider Home – 728px

Because of this large number of widget areas, the optional widget map might will come in handy. By enabling the widget map, each page will display the available widget areas for that specific page template.

Gabfire Advanced Newspaper offers the following page templates:

  • Default
  • Archives
  • Blog
  • Widgetized

The Advanced Newspaper theme extends WordPress Post and Page screens with Gabfire Custom Fields that allow you to add a video URL, mark an entry as featured, or disable the featured image of the post, or the innerpage slider for the page regarding.

You also have the ability to select a specific layout. You can choose from Default, Big Picture, Big Slider, Left Sidebar, or No Sidebar.

Gabfire Advanced Newspaper Theme Options
Advanced Newspaper Theme Options

The Gabfire Theme Options comprehend eleven tabs with options to configure your theme:

  • General Settings
  • Quotes
  • Navigation
  • Homepage
  • Homepage Simple
  • Sliders
  • Image Handling
  • Footer
  • Ads
  • Miscellaneous
  • Custom Styling

Within the General Settings, the Advanced Newspaper theme lets you choose between an Advanced Layout with Slider or a Simple Layout without Slider. To see the difference between these homepage layouts, hop over to the demo and check the Homepages from the Secondary menu.

You choice determines whether you will be composing your homepage at the Homepage tab or at the Homepage Simple tab.

Other options include uploading a logo and favicon, and in case of a text based logo, you can enter the custom logo text. In addition, you have the ability to enter the URL for your custom RSS Feed and Google Analytics Code.

The Quotes tab is where you enter the quotes as displayed in the header – at the left and right side of the logo. And of course, here you also upload the image to accompany the quote.

At the Navigation you have the ability to set your preferred sorting order for the navigation menus. You can choose between ascending and descending and sort by category ID, name or post count. When you want to exclude one or more categories, you enter the IDs regarding here – separated by commas.

The Homepage tab offers one way to populate the homepage.

Your first option is to select the query type for the Featured Slider. You can choose from Category, Tag-based, Recent Posts, and Custom Field. And of course, you have the opportunity to set the number of entries to display with the slider.

Next you select the categories and number of posts to populate the follow sections on the homepage:

  • Below Featured
  • Primary Mid Column
  • Secondary Top Left (Breaking News)
  • Secondary Top Mid Column
  • Secondary Top Right Column
  • Tabbed Content #1 to #5
  • Secondary Bottom Left Column
  • Secondary Bottom Right Column
  • Subnews #1 to #6

It is up to you which options you want to use, hence how you would like to display the news on the homepage. When there are homepage sections that you do not want to use, just set the number of posts for that section to 0 and it will remain hidden.

Instead of assembling you homepage at the Homepage tab, you can also choose to compose your homepage by adding the widgets of your preference to the desired widget areas as mentioned above.

A third option is building your homepage from elements at the Homepage tab interwoven with content from the widget areas.

The Homepage Simple tab is the place where you assemble your homepage when you have opted for the Simple Layout without Slider. This homepage is a bit more compact than the one with the slider.

The Sliders settings allows you to set the rotation speed for the Featured Slider on the frontpage, as well as the inner-page slider. Further options regarding the inner-page slider are Tag-base, Site Wide, and Disable.

The Image Handling lets you enable the auto resize and display of Featured Images on single post pages. In addition, you can have the theme grab and the first post image as the Featured Image. Another option allows you to choose between TimTumb and the WordPress Post Thumbnails.

At the Footer you have the ability to customize the text at the left and at the right side of the footer credits.

Ads are now managed with the Simple Ads Widget from the Gabfire Widget Pack.

Under the Miscellaneous tab, you have the ability to assign a two, three, and four column page layouts to selected categories by entering the IDs of these categories.

Gabfire Advanced Newspaper Page Capture
Gabfire Advanced Newspaper full page

Here you also control the social links as displayed in the right corner of the header. You can enter the URLs to your social profiles at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, YouTube as well as the RSS Feed.

By enabling the Widget Map, every page template will display the available widget areas available for that specific template. This will come in handy when composing your (partly) widgetized homepage.

Next to a Custom CSS area, the Custom Styling allows you to change the body backgrounds as well as font-family and colors the typography, and navigation.

Gabfire Themes offers you a choice out off three packages; the Standard Pack, the Developer's Pack, and the Member Club.

The stated price of $59 is regarding the Standard Pack. Besides your theme, the Standard Pack comes with one year of support. You are entitled to lifetime theme updates, and you can use the theme on an unlimited number of domains.

You can also opt for the $89 Developer's Pack, which includes all the features of the Standard Pack, and allows you to pick a second theme of your choice as a bonus.

So, both packages include access to support for one year, and theme updates for life.

Alternatively, you can join the Member Club. As a Gabfire club member you get access to all current and future themes, as well as support, as long as you remain a member.

To become a member, you pay a Startup Fee of $199, and after that only $12 a month.

Hence, a plan for every need and budget.

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