The Theme Selector – at your service

Here at ThemingWP we review WordPress themes. Until today, you could browse the entire blog, examine just one theme category, search posts, or turn to the tag cloud. As a WordPress user, you are probably familiar with the tag cloud. This cloud of words gives a good impression of the most popular terms, which can […]

WooThemes retires 38 themes – that is 58% of the theme portfolio

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from WooThemes. The subject line reads “Important notice re: themes you’ve purchased”. It starts quite all right with “We hope you’re enjoying the All Themes Package”. The second paragraph is less than uplifting. It informs me that my theme package contains themes that have been retired. How do you mean? […]

Plain Text Editor

When working with themes and child themes, you need a plain text editor to view, edit and save theme files. Files as the style.css and the functions.php. Do not use a word processor like Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer. These programs might save the theme files with additional codes regarding markup and meta data that […]

Genesis Author Pro plugin

The free Genesis Author Pro plugin adds a custom post type Books to you WordPress website. The plugin extends the WordPress admin area with a panel named Library, which has several links to help you administer your publications. Here below, I walk you through the screens of th Author Pro plugin. All Books The default […]

How to make a WordPress website mobile friendly – or responsive

Starting today, mobile users of Google Search are presented results that are not only relevant to their search query, but also optimized for their device. Hence, your website needs to be mobile friendly. Why is Google doing this? Because nowadays, people are not only using phones and tablets next to a desktop or laptop, but also […]

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