Hello, my name is Wil Ransz, and I live in the Netherlands, in a village near the city of Breda.

With a background in business administration, I spent the first half of my career in sales and (direct) marketing. Mainly business-to-business (B2B).

My passion for websites goes way back to the table based era in the mid ’90s. Nowadays, I prefer to create my websites with WordPress.

Helping business owners and bloggers with their website, hosting, and online business is what I do now.

When I am not working, I like to spend my time outdoors – biking and hiking.

In 2012, I came up with the idea to start a review site for WordPress themes. There were already lots of websites out there where you can find WordPress themes sorted and listed.

So, how to distinguish this site from those other sites? In my humble opinion, a great deal of the existing WordPress review sites do little more than republish the vendor’s description and add a nice screenshot of the theme concerned.

That does not imply that those sites do not have a purpose. When you are on a quest for – let’s say a magazine theme – it is a great to have several magazine themes gathered from several authors on one page.

When it comes to a WordPress theme a picture may indeed be worth a thousand words, but it still does not tell the whole story.

Of course, a screenshot will give you a good impression of the design, the looks of a theme. However, there is a lot more to a theme than just an appealing package.

At least as important – may be even more important – is the logic behind the front-end. This code, packed in template files, is what delivers the functionality of a theme, offering you the tools to organize your site.

So, while considering the launch of a review site for WordPress themes, it became clear to me that I needed some kind of an evaluation tool. Without such a tool, there is too much room for subjectivity, where you favor the themes that you personally like best and therefore prefer.

It is my goal to prevent that, or at least to narrow it down as far as possible. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether I succeeded meeting that objective.

Of course, I am looking forward receiving your feedback – the good and the bad. When you have any remarks about a theme, feel free to leave a comment.

And your thoughts about this website are more than welcome too. Just drop me a note with the contact form

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